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Candidate Relationship
Relationships with our candidates are based on certain core ideals: integrity, honestytrust, and open communication. Candidates of TekStaff are all treated equally by our in-house staff.
We are under the firm belief that if our candidates are happy with the way they are treated, they will perform better on the client's side.
Contract Approval
Upon award of a contract, TekStaff accompanies this with an open discussions of pay and bill rates. This communication allows candidates to be certain they are receiving a fair rate for their services.
We also provide straightforward contracts, flexible payment methods and frequency. TekStaff never holds back pay cheques. Payments are made within 3 business days after submission of a timesheet and invoice, via direct deposit.
Resume Submission Process
Your resume will not be sent to a client without your consent. You will be contacted for each submission to verify that your background meets the requirements for the position, that you are interested in the position, and that you are available.
We never submit a resume without the candidate's approval.

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